Spa On The Go are PIONEERS in Digital Advertising with Vending Massage ChairsĀ !

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  • Ultra-modern high tech Digital Advertising Displays.
  • Up close and personalĀ ads are viewed during an intimate experience allowing for ads to be viewed on a more personal level
  • Increase trust and familiarity with your product/service with our cost effective advertisements.


Make Extra Revenue By Selling Ad Space!




  • Capture your audience with truly captive direct advertisements.
  • Advertise to untapped demographics and capture short attention spans.
  • Minimum base price per ad (industry standard) = $50/month
  • With 6 ads you can make an extra $300 from your Digital Advertisement campaigns!

Digital Advertising is our response to the fast-changing trends among clients. It is an unique opportunity to reach them in a more personalized way, during a relaxing, intimate experience.


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