Chicago is a very unique city, and it is full of incredibly individual business opportunities. Unfortunately, not all of the business opportunities in question are legitimate or successful. Spa On The Go is a confident, seasoned franchise that continually enlists successful franchisees. We are one of the most trustworthy business opportunities available in the Chicago area. Since we are gaining increasing momentum in the business world, we are undergoing a great deal of expansion and are seeking ambitious, positive franchisees to join our team. To learn more about the business franchise for sale, read the information below.

Generous Income

We can confidently offer our products because our franchisees receive a very high profit percentage. To make a long story short, our franchisees receive 100% of the profit gained. Quick return rates allow you to quickly make up for the initial investment and start putting money in your bank account. It would be a bit challenging to find similar businesses offering such a high success rate in the Chicago area. The vending machine chair business is steadily gaining customer popularity, and we are proud to offer the finest line of products in the field.


If you have a personality suited to leadership and self-motivation, then Spa On The Go products may be the perfect way for you to jump into the business endeavor you have always dreamed of. Our products allow you to “run the show” for yourself – you do not have to deal with unreasonable authority figures or difficult coworkers. Since you are the one creating your business dynamic, you can also create your own work hours and design the “feel” of your business.

Sweet Simplicity

Nothing is more appealing to an up and coming franchisee than the word “simplicity.” In today’s chaotic and busy society, a simple approach to business is a sane approach to business. Our machinery does not require tedious maintenance trips or continual refills like other vending machines do. In fact, our products are fairly self-sufficient. All you need is a little intelligence and creativity to create a success story.

If you are new to the franchisee experience, there is no need to feel overwhelmed or intimidated at the prospect of joining Spa On The Go. We welcome business owners of all types and are eager to help you with any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our successful line of products and what opportunities we may have in store for you.