Texas is a big state, and a host of business opportunities lie therein. Spa On The Go is currently undergoing expansion into the Houston area, along with other key locations throughout the nation. If you are interested in learning more about Spa On The Go and how you can get involved, read the information below. You may find that our company, as a successful business franchise for sale, may be the best option for your business endeavors.


One of the most defining characteristics of the Spa On The Go franchise is simple: you receive 100% of the profit you make in cash. The vending massage chair business is gaining increasing popularity among residents of Houston, and the potential for a high percentage of profit is leading many more to join as Spa On The Go franchisees. Thanks to a fast returns timeline, you will be able to quickly make enough to cover your initial investment and may then begin pocketing the excess. Obviously, the products offered are an excellent way to create a “boost” for any existing businesses you may own; however, you may also find that our products are a great way to create your own one-of-a-kind massage business.


When you choose to team up with our company, you instantly gain the privilege of being your own boss. You will be able to set your own business hours to align with your own convenience — the power is in your hands.


It is difficult to come by simplistic business opportunities these days, especially in today’s busier-than-ever society. Spa On The Go products allow business owners of all types to enjoy the finer things of life due to the ability to “let go” and conduct a smoothly operating business that is hassle free. Our devices do not need regular maintenance and do not require consistent restocking like other forms of vending machinery.

Keep in mind that anyone can become a Spa On The Go franchisee. You do not need extensive business experience or a fancy degree; all you need is the money needed for the initial investment and a little ambition. Success is right around the corner because our products are continually growing in market popularity. We are confident that you will achieve great things — feel free to contact us today to learn more.