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3D Rocking Massage Chair

$4,995.95 $3,495.95



Our premium 3D Rocking Massage Chair for home and personal use.


Our new developed 3D Rocking Massage Chair is a state-of-the-art massage chair for home and personal use.

Our massage chair has an automatic swing mode which allows the chair to mimic the movements of a rocking chair.

You can also connect your phone or MP3 player and the music will be played through the built-in double-sided stereo.

The strength of the massage also synchronizes with the musical intensity making the simulated hand shiatsu massage technology more realistic.

This massage chair is specially built to treat joint, spine, and foot pain. Our exclusive massage technology is optimized to bring you maximum relief and relaxation.

It is a wonderful home massage chair. It’s design makes it look great any interior and the materials it is made from contribute to it’s resistance and longevity. Relax Genie gives you a possibility to sit back and relax any time you wish. Coming home from work after a long day? Take a nap while 6 massage balls deliver the ultimate massage experience and relax! Feel stressed out because of the fast pace and need to slow down for a moment? Home massage chair is a perfect idea for you and your family or friends.

And if you’re still not convinced, try it out in our office in North Bellmore!



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